BIOLAND Toud, Luxor

Project: BIOLAND Toud, Luxor
Stage: Revenue Generating
Funding: NA
Founders: Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim /Masters in Nano Technology 2016/General Manager
Required Support: Land in industrial zone (Al Boghdady)
Contacts: Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim,
Tel: 01093600530;
Value: Increase the production of integrated animal feed to gain major market share in Luxor and within 5 years, in South Upper Egypt
Description: Bioland produces high quality animal feed from sugarcane waste for small breeders (less than 10 heads) and medium breeders (more than 10 heads) in Luxor. Bioland contract with other suppliers of animal feed across Luxor to increase the quantities of animal feed produced and to diversify the distribution network. This helps ensure the continuous supply of high quality animal feed throughout the year.