Stage: Pilot Production and Initial Sales
Funding: The team is looking for an investor to partner with Investment by Team: Yes
Founders: Abdulhamid Jalil/ Secondary Education- Commercial 2015/ Accounting - Karima Jalil/Secondary Education/ Technical 2005/Training of women on awareness & hygiene - Ahmed Jalil/ Secondary Education/ Industrial 2006/ Electric Technician - Mohammed Jalil / Secondary Education/ Agricultural 2002/ Design & Installation
Required Support: Access to NGOs, larger farms and veterinarians to install Barley rooms and help conduct awareness campaigns and seminars; knowledge-exchange visits to existing Barley rooms
Contacts: Mohammed Madani Abdel Jalil,
Tel: 01142390514;
Value: Khadra provide high quality green feed throughout the year and offers NGOs and farmers barley growing rooms accompanied with training and maintenance services to help reduce the cost spent on traditional animal feed (by almost %50), increase the farmers’ production and the revenues generated and help the NGOs and farmers have a high degree of self-sufficiency.
Description: Khadra aims to supply customized barley production rooms for small breeders who have 20-2 heads, to owners of large livestock farms who have 100-40 heads as well as to NGOs with livestock development programs and their own farms. According to the team, the feed also has a high feed conversion ratio compared to other types of feed and can increase the milk production by -15%25 and meat production by 500-300 g daily.