Description: Mozo produces and distributes packed fried/dried and flavored banana snacks in various sizes as a healthier alternative to fried/baked potato chips and to other processed snacks.

Value: Mozo provides healthy dried/fried fruit snacks for supermarket, nurseries and gyms who want to provide new or diversify the healthy food products that they offer. They will launch their business with packed fried and flavored banana snacks that can be offered in bags or in bulk in cartons.

Stage: Pilot Production and Initial Sales
Funding: The team is looking for an investor to partner with Investment by Team: Yes
Founders: Ali Abdallah/ Bachelor of Arts in Social Development 2016/ Technology Officer - Samir Ramadan/Bachelor of Commerce 1990/Accountant - Ahmed Abdelkareem/ Islamic Studies Department of Arabic Language 2012 / Marketing - Hussein Abdo/ Diploma in Commerce 2003/ Manufacturing Technician - Sahar Ahmed/ Bachelor of Arts in Social Development 2015/ PR
Required Support: field visits to potato chips factories; marketing and distributing the product in Upper Egypt; access to validated drying/frying equipment suppliers
Contacts: Ali Abdallah,
Tel: 01025924137;
Email: [email protected]
Ahmed Moustafa Abdelkareem,
Tel: 01150706788
Email: [email protected]